Responding to COVID-19: insight, support and guidance

Procuring with confidence

Helping you get maximum value for every pound spent

In the UK, robust and compliant procurement is a key factor in the delivery of public services – with public sector bodies needing to not only meet their statutory obligations but also deliver value-for-money for taxpayers.

Against the backdrop of the National Procurement Strategy and with public finances under even more strain as a result of COVID-19, several issues need to be addressed including:

  • understanding the benefit of technological innovations and their impact on how public bodies operate and deliver services
  • the growing resource and skills gap across public sector procurement and contracting which hinders delivery of best value
  • the need to keep up to date with constant policy and regulatory changes

How CIPFA can help

CIPFA is committed to helping public sector organisations reduce the costs and risks associated with procurement, as well as improving the outcomes for all stakeholders.

CIPFA CPRAS Technology Procurement Association (CCTPA)

A collaboration between CIPFA and the Cost and Procurement Advisory Service (CPRAS). The CCTPA’s purpose it to help public sector bodies identify and procure innovative hi-tech solutions through a secure online platform. By working with us, we can help you reduce procurement costs and risk, as well as save valuable time, increase efficiencies and deliver value to taxpayers.

Advisory and Consultancy

Offering a range of services to support procurement in public sector bodies. These include end-to-end support for systems, outsourcing and service procurement - from market testing and business case development through to final evaluation and selection. Across an organisation, we can also review and assess current procurement and commissioning arrangements, contracts, systems and processes to provide an independent view on their value and effectiveness, highlighting areas for improvement against best practice.

Lifelong Learning

CIPFA offers several training courses to help upskill staff and strengthen good procurement and contract management practices, including:

  • Diploma in Contract Management, which combines contemporary contract management theory and existing good practice
  • Finance Skills: Procurement Skills and Contract Management, which offers a comprehensive introduction to managing procurement activity
  • Open Book Processes, focusing on open book tools and techniques, and encourages robust contract management through lean processes and risk management
  • Essentials range,which complements the training offered by the Procurement and Commissioning Network. This set also includes introductory courses on public sector procurement planning, specification writing, contract management, standard selection questionnaires and the light touch regime

CIPFA's Procurement and Commissioning Network

公共部门proc的领导和受欢迎的论坛urement practitioners offering valuable and timely guidance, networking, documentation and training on a wide-range of areas.

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